Fresh TL100DE Wall Vent


A wall vent with a very discreet design and a front plate that can be painted or wallpapered over.

  • Front plate is fitted with an insulation pad to prevent condensation
  • Well designed filter and storm shield preventing loss of energy and unwanted wind gusts
  • The front plate has a mechanism for changing the opening angle has which regulates the flow of air
  • The vent opens on the upper edge forcing air up-wards, providing a comfortable distribution pattern

Fresh TL100DE wall vent

  • Capacity: 7.9 l/s at 10Pa
  • Wall opening: TL100DE – 108mm diameter
  • Maximum thickness: TL100DE – 400mm
  • Size:
    External grille – 150 x 150mm
    Internal grille – 160x160x42mm
  • Colour: White NCSS1002-650Y
  • Code: TL100DE

Fresh TL100DE wall vent dimensions

  • Place vent as high as possible at least 10cm below ceiling, preferably above radiator
  • Check for services before drilling
  • Use core drill with minimum dim Ø102mm for TL98P & Ø 125mm for TL80dB
  • Drill hole so pipe slopes slightly downwards
  • If wall thickness is less than 300mm pipe can be cut to required length, if over additional pipes may be required
  • Seal pipe both inside and outside with a suitable sealant agent
  • Mechanically fix external grille into place
  • Remove internal vent housing and fix with 4 screws
  • Attach front cover and check vent is fully operational
  • Wash filter 1-2 times per year.